"Our website traffic doubled. The ROI is excellent. We saw results very quickly and are very happy with their service."

Imran Esakjee

CEO, al-aniq.com

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UK & Dubai






Can you briefly describe your business and the services/products you offer?

We are an ecommerce thobe brand that retails luxury thobes online.

What role do you hold in your company?


Initial Situation

What specific challenge or problem led you to seek Kwayse's services?

We needed someone to take over our SEO work and handling of our website.

How did this challenge affect your business operations or goals?

We felt like we needed a plan to develop our brand online. We felt like we were not reaching our full potential.

Choosing Kwayse

Why did you choose Kwayse over other service providers?

  • Good communication
  • Transparency
  • Value for money
  • Consistent updates

What were your initial expectations when you started working with Kwayse?

We were not expecting to see results as fast as we did because SEO is more of a long term game. However, we started seeing results within 1 month.


What services did Kwayse provide for your business? (e.g., web development, SEO, etc.)


How was the implementation process? Please describe your experience.

Their experience and implementation is quite broad. They work on the onsite SEO, backlinks and also provide good advice on how we can improve.


What specific results or improvements have you noticed since working with Kwayse?

  • Increased website traffic
  • Increased keywords
  • Increased sales

Can you provide any specific numbers or metrics that highlight the impact of our services? (e.g., increase in website traffic, sales growth, improved search rankings, etc.)

Our website traffic doubled.

Overall Experience

How would you describe your overall experience working with Kwayse?

Our experience has been excellent and very pleasant. They are always available to help and communicate very well. The value for money is excellent!

What impressed you the most about Kwayse?

Their communication and customer service


Would you recommend Kwayse to other businesses? If so, why?

Yes we would because the ROI is excellent. We saw results very quickly and are very happy with their service.

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