"From the initial call there was always a clear managed road map to achieve our goals together"

Aysha Saleh

Owner, modesque.co.uk

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UK & Dubai




Can you briefly describe your business and the services/products you offer?

We offer unique modest abaya sets, providing an alternative fashion option for those who do not wish to compromise on their modesty.

What role do you hold in your company?


Initial Situation

What specific challenge or problem led you to seek Kwayse's services?

We approached KWAYSE on two issues:

  • Development of our website, ensuring an effortless transaction experience for our customers
  • Increase our online visibility

How did this challenge affect your business operations or goals?

  • High bounce rate
  • Customers becoming frustrated with issues affecting their purchases
  • Constant temporary website crashes due to inability to operate with large amounts of traffic
  • Lack of awareness
  • Access to a customer base that we cannot reach from our usual social media channel content

Choosing Kwayse

Why did you choose Kwayse over other service providers?

  • Solid library of work for others
  • Knowledge of the Muslim market
  • Client-focused approach – from the initial call there was always a clear managed road map to achieve our goals together

What were your initial expectations when you started working with Kwayse?

A team who value input from their clients and work collaboratively to achieve the required outcomes


What services did Kwayse provide for your business? (e.g., web development, SEO, etc.)

Web Development/SEO

How was the implementation process? Please describe your experience.

The implementation process was well managed. There was constant communication and acknowledgement of what we wanted to achieve and what we could achieve. Everything was discussed in detail, and clear strategies/reasoning and recommendations were provided on directions that were undertaken.


What specific results or improvements have you noticed since working with Kwayse?

  • A website that is very easy to navigate.
  • Positive customer interactions
  • Smaller checkout timeframes
  • Wider website functionality to keep our customers informed/satisfied – reducing the number of enquiries around certain items – e.g. stock notification, alternative currencies, etc.

Can you provide any specific numbers or metrics that highlight the impact of our services? (e.g., increase in website traffic, sales growth, improved search rankings, etc.)

103% increase in online sales.

Overall Experience

How would you describe your overall experience working with Kwayse?

Amazing. I have really enjoyed working with KWAYSE over the last couple of months. The team is always available for any queries and I have genuinely felt valued as a customer as they go above and beyond their duty owed to provide the best possible experience.

What impressed you the most about Kwayse?

Personally, I like to discuss results/outputs in detail. The team always makes themselves available to give me that time.

There is a genuine care for the customer’s requirements and needs which is evident in KWAYSE’s approach. Sometimes companies lack a personal approach to working but KWAYSE has the perfect balance.


Would you recommend Kwayse to other businesses? If so, why?

Definitely. In such a short time, I have built a great rapport with the KWAYSE team where there is strong trust that they will deliver on any recommendation I make.

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