Here’s how to access Keyword Planner on the new look Google Ads

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Open Planner - Kwayse

So you’ve probably seen the new Keyword Planner on Google Ads? But do you remember what it used to look like? Yes! Expert-Mode…

Expert mode - Keyword Planner - Kwayse

Step 1: Get into Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords):

SERP-Google-Ads-Keyword-Planner- Kwayse

So this can be achieved in a number of ways. You type any of the following keywords into a search engine:

  • Google Ads
  • Ads
  • keyword planner
  • new look keyword planner

Take your pick. But make sure you click on:

Step 2: Login to Google Ads

So if this is your first time you will have to create an account. But if you find any difficulty check out Google’s sign in to Google Ads support page.

Click-on-Tools-&-Settings-Keyword Planner-Kwayse

Step 3: Click on Tools & Settings

So your in! Next, bypass all the tutorials and get to the main dashboard. Then you should see a large banner at the top which says: Google Ads | All Campaigns. So look right and click on Tools & Settings.


Step 4: Click on Keyword Planner in Google Ads

So that was easy enough right? Now after clicking on Tools & Settings you should see an array of new options. So look to the far left column named Planning and click on Keyword Planner. It should be underneath Performance Planner and above Reach Planner. Got it?

So click it! Click Keyword Planner


After this, you have the option of choosing between Discover new Keywords or Get Search Volumes and Forecasts. So choose.

Let us know how you found this tutorial for accessing the Keyword Planner on Google Ads

Make sure you leave a comment on any feedback you have. Also if you have any tutorials you would like to share kindly email us at [email protected]

This has been a Kwayse tutorial on how to access Keyword Planner on the new-look Google Ads.

If you require any further information on increasing traffic or sales contact us now.

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