Arm Bracket

Armwrestling tournaments made easy

Management system, User specific dashboard

Product Type

Management system, User specific dashboard


Minnesota, US


Recreation and Entertainment


12 weeks


Web Application

About Arm Bracket

Arm-bracket is a web application for arm-wrestling tournament organizers. It enables them to plan, organise, and manage numerous arm wrestling competitions simultaneously. Additionally, Arm-bracket allows users to examine live tournament brackets and their progress, share tournament results on social media, and save tournament statistics files and brackets.

Currently, a double-elimination format is supported. The app administrator has set up a service fee that organisers must pay in order to plan tournaments. It enables the organiser to design a competition with various categories. There are different matchups in each division. All of the tournaments and divisions may be run concurrently by the organiser. While using it, the user is able to skip a match in a division.

What we did

Research, Wireframing, UX, Web App Development​, Custom Plugin Development

Tools & Technologies, Balsamiq, jQuery bracket viewer

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