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E-commerce, User Accounts, Custom Dashboards, Notifications, Payments

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Product Type

E-commerce, User Accounts, Custom Dashboards, Notifications, Payments


United Kingdom


B2B, B2C, Environmental


12 weeks


Web Application

About Carma

Carma helps people to better understand their personal impact on the environment. It offers a way to reduce that impact without making any expensive or effortful changes. Because essential spending shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Calculate & Subscribe

Based on your carbon calculation select a plan that matches your commitment to reduce your future carbon footprint.

Shop & Restore

Earn cashback when shopping and plant trees while supporting climate positive projects and creating green jobs.

Share & Care

Share the love and plant trees each time your friends and fans sign up to a subscription plan.

What we did

Bubble Development, API Integrations, Plugin Development

Tools & Technologies, Card-linking, Stripe

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A word from the founder

"I found their developers technical ability and speed of work the most impressive."

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