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Directory, Affiliates, In app Ads, Admin dashboard, Analytics, User Profiles

Product Type

Directory, Affiliates, In app Ads, Admin dashboard, Analytics, User Profiles


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Recruitment, Human Resource, Services


8 weeks


Web Application, Mobile Application

About Kedua

Millions of people in Malaysia can be empowered and have their lives improved thanks to the Kedua mobile app. A single digital platform that makes it easier to search information on upskilling, jobs that interest you, and more.

The Kedua offers reliable solutions to Malaysia’s B40 population, particularly recent graduates, who are struggling with high living expenses and unemployment. The mobile app serves as a link between gig economy businesses and job seekers in the digital age. Additionally, users may now browse a wide range of chances in the same space as they discuss openings in the conventional job market.

As long as your devices are online, you can continue to be productive wherever you are. Additionally, it is consistent with our goal of fostering long-term economic expansion, meaningful employment, and fair working conditions for all.

What we did

UI/UX, Development, Data Migration, Integrations

Tools & Technologies, Miro, BDK Native

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